Monday, September 12, 2016

The Great Short Binge: Part 1: The Curse of the "A" Titles

I've stopped looking at the comments on Crunchyroll's short-format anime series; they're a broken record of complaining about each and every show's brevity, as if that's a flaw in and of itself. Sure, a good work of fiction makes you want more, but it also knows how to not overstay its welcome.

(Plus, when you're in the middle of studying for college finals and can only spare a five-minute break, these series will save your life, man. The struggle is real.)

Thankfully, for anime fans like me who don't consider short anime to be an unpleasant surprise, sprung upon unsuspecting fans after the video finishes loading, Rotten Sushi compiled a list of every short and short series available on Crunchyroll for me to binge between writing assignments. In this series of articles, I'll be sorting through the diverse list. Which of these anime are worth your precious break time, and which squandered their five minutes of fame?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The PPG Reboot Article in AniMag April 2016 is a Bit Embarrassing

If you want to see how achingly hard I’ve been trying to be positive and open minded about the new series, just check my review of the “first” episode. I really am trying to believe in it. I plan to get caught up with the show when I have a chance because I’m aware one episode isn’t enough to make a judgment call. 
But I just read the feature article about the show in Animation Magazine and I’m more than a little stunned. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Powerpuff Girls: "Man Up" Lacks the Balance it Preaches

There is no winning when you're reviewing a reboot of a series that meant a lot to you as a kid. If it's bad, then, well, it's bad. If it's good, you're going to have to defend it from nitpicky fans for the rest of your life. Alas, the time has come to make my stand. The Powerpuff Girls held its worldwide premiere to much fanfare last night, and today those of us who couldn't make it to SXSW are getting the episode "Man Up" on iTunes for free, which is apparently the second episode.

(I could rant on a while about the problems with not premiering the pilot episode first and how easily it can give potential viewers the wrong idea about the tone of the entire series - Wander Over Yonder anyone? - but let's move on.)

But honestly? I would have settled for good or bad better than I'm handling mediocre, and it's a really weird type of mediocre. The kind of mediocre where I didn't just sit amused through the entire episode, rather I spent about half the episode laughing and the other half rolling my eyes.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pokemon is Weird.

In the magenta storage ottoman I rest my feet on while writing sentimental sap like this, there's an old red flip phone buried under tangled cords and a set of speakers I keep telling myself I'll eventually find a use for. I haven't tossed it into one of those "phones for soldiers" cardboard boxes yet because I've been meaning to get a single video off of it: a video of a preteen me pestering my late dad at the Pokemon Regional TCG Championships.

"What's it like being here?" I ask in my best news reporter voice. "The people want to know! They really, really want to know!"

"Weird," he replies. I shove the camera closer to his face and the conversation devolves into babbling.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CrunchyRoundup: My Love Story!! 4, The Nameko Families, Onee-chan Ga Kita!, Time of Eve: The Movie

I've been getting back into anime something fierce, between the rise of the mini-series, with 5 minute episodes that fit perfectly into my study breaks, and my Crunchyroll sub, so I wondered: Why am I not blogging about all the new stuff I've watched? This is CrunchyRoundup.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Shout! Factory Announces Streaming Service

Shout! Factory is joining the online streaming game, and I couldn't be more hyped.

One of the best DVD companies running today, Shout! Factory has made a name for itself releasing box sets of nostalgic shows and listening to what consumers want instead of just what television studios think is timely.

There have been countless threads in their series request forum in the past that have received replies along the lines of "We'd love to, but a DVD just wouldn't be popular enough to cover its costs." This was the case for the second season of Medabots, which was put on indefinite hiatus after the first season failed to meet sales expectations. Having a streaming service will give Shout! the chance to test even more cult classics with less overhead.

(via animation magazine)

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