Monday, September 12, 2016

The Great Short Binge: Part 1: The Curse of the "A" Titles

I've stopped looking at the comments on Crunchyroll's short-format anime series; they're a broken record of complaining about each and every show's brevity, as if that's a flaw in and of itself. Sure, a good work of fiction makes you want more, but it also knows how to not overstay its welcome.

(Plus, when you're in the middle of studying for college finals and can only spare a five-minute break, these series will save your life, man. The struggle is real.)

Thankfully, for anime fans like me who don't consider short anime to be an unpleasant surprise, sprung upon unsuspecting fans after the video finishes loading, Rotten Sushi compiled a list of every short and short series available on Crunchyroll for me to binge between writing assignments. In this series of articles, I'll be sorting through the diverse list. Which of these anime are worth your precious break time, and which squandered their five minutes of fame?

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