Sunday, November 16, 2014

Big Hero 6's Baymax Press Interviews Masterpost

Disney invited various press organizations to interview Baymax from Big Hero 6, under the proviso that they do so completely in-character; mentioning the film or mentioned Big Hero 6 as a work of fiction was prohibited. 

The result is a pile of hilarious videos scattered across the internet that I've been trying to bring together into one playlist. Descriptions of what I've found so far are available after the jump. Feel free to drop any others you know of in the comments.

DesdeHollywood talks about sports fatigue, and Baymax tests out a beta of his new laughing program.

Hola Hollywood has a crush on Baymax - guest starring Baymax's Spanish voice actor! tries to get Baymax on their healthcare plan and sets him up with Siri.

toofab is advised to get a better haircut for the sake of their stress level.

ScreenSlam doesn't interview Baymax so much as let him talk, and he gives advice for surviving the holidays.

ZayZay.Com asks what Baymax wants for Christmas and gets marriage assistance.

BackstageOL helps Baymax understand the concept of piercings.

HitFix discusses the cure for disco fever. Yes, really.

asiapacificarts gives Baymax the Turing Test and THEY TALK ABOUT TADASHI.

radiodisney lets Baymax gush about Hiro and gets some advise for stress.

Movie Planet convinces Baymax he's having family problems.

mysangrelatina asks about mental health.

Andrew Freund also interviews the other voice actors along the way and asks what kinda of apps they'd invent.

iamrogue asks if Baymax cares about the health of the bad guys he's fighting.

HollywoodToday finds out that one of Hiro's best features is his liver.

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